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Venda de Balafia de Baix no. 44, 07812 San Lorenzo de Balafia, Baleares

Berber village in Southern Morocco

Welcome to our online-shop

Bienvenido en nuestra tienda 


General conditions: we deliver to all countries.

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

Delivery is done by certified post parcel or UPS or other provider.

Within two weeks after receiving your merchandise you can return them or change. Boots may not have been worn outside!

For delivery to the USA, Canada and Australia ask for shipping fees.

kelim boots 20cm, size 39. no. 39 D273
kelim boots 20cm, size 39, no. 39 D 274
kelim boots 20cm, size 39, no. 39 D275
kelim boots 20cm. size 39, no. 39 D276
kelim boots 20cm, size 39, no. 39 D277