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Venda de Balafia de Baix no. 44, 07812 San Lorenzo de Balafia, Baleares

Welcome to our online-shop

Bienvenido en nuestra tienda 


General conditions: we deliver to all countries.

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

Delivery is done by certified post parcel or UPS or other provider.

Within two weeks after receiving your merchandise you can return them or change. Boots may not have been worn outside!

For delivery to the USA, Canada and Australia ask for shipping fees.

Sabah in our stall at the Las Dalias Hippymarket

Nowhere else in Europe you find a

bigger selection of kelim boots than on our website or at our base on the white island of


Always at least 200 pairs in stock.

We are regularly in Morocco and choose between a big variety of old kelims but not always find what we want and therefore we search and search until we succeed.

Our moroccan craftsmen are very experienced and some look back on more than 30 years of working in this field.

In spite of using the best leather quality it may happen that now and then a few pairs slip through our quality control and some fault is just discovered at the end of the chain at our customer. Due to our high quality standards and requirement you can change them or just send them back within 2 weeks after arrival.

If you should discover a fault shortly after wearing them already, you can bring them to a local shoemaker have them repaired and send us the invoice.

For Sabah and me customer service comes on the first place and you are invited to have a look at our guestbook or on facebook to read the comments of our customers.

Furthermore I doubt that you find the original kelim boots anywhere in the world at a lower price than on our website or here on Ibiza.

We don't explore our craftsmen and pay them somewhat more than what they asked us, to motivate them to produce a high quality product and to live a dignant life and, off course, we also have to eat and drink and need a roof above our heads and get some compensation for our efforts.

Enjoy yourself clicking through our website and hopefully become one of our friends and customers in the near future.

Botas "Sabah Ibiza"

Stiefel "Sabah Ibiza"

Boots "Sabah Ibiza"

Laarzen "Sabah Ibiza"

Sidi Mohamed, nuestro maestro de las botas mas que 40años

Sidi Mohamed, seit mehr als 40 Jahren unser Stiefelmacher

Sidi Mohamed, our bootmaker since more than 40 years

Each pair is unique, there are never two the same

Botas de kelims "Sabah Ibiza" desde 1985.

En la pagina "bolsos/bags" tambien hay bolsos de kelims

Teppichstiefel "Sabah Ibiza" seit 1985.

Boots made from kelims "Sabah Ibiza" since 1985.

kelim boots "Sabah Ibiza"

The history of kelim bootsKelim Boots "Sabah Ibiza" The first kelim boots were made in the early 70's when I found in Morocco many old or destroyed kelims which couldn't be used as carpets any more....