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      Welcome to our online-shop.            Now is the ideal moment to buy some new boots. We have a big variety of new boots which arrived just recently. I'm sure that you'll find the right ones for you.

     Bienvenido en nuestra tienda online.     Ahora es el momento ideal para comprarte unas botas nuevas. Tenemos muchos modelos nuevos y seguro que encuentras las tuyas.

General conditions: we deliver to all countries.

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

Delivery is done by certified post parcel or UPS or other 


Within two weeks after receiving your merchandise you can 

return them or change. Boots may not have been worn 


For delivery to the USA, Canada and Australia ask for 

shipping fees.

The history of the original 

kelim boots

In the early 70's I travelled a lot through Morocco and found many old kelims and carpets with holes in or dirty so that they couldn't be sold any more. That inspired me to use them for another purpose and gave birth to the first kelim boots and bags.

From 1972 on I offered them in my shops in the Netherlands and Germany.

At the end of that decade I took a break and finally in 1985 I settled on the island of Ibiza and from that moment on I started once again to produce the kelim boots.

Without any interruption from 1985 on we offer these boots on the local hippiemarkets and also online through our website.

Some years ago we were copied by a Dutch company which declared these boots as their invention. That was the moment when I created the brand name "Sabah Ibiza" to distinguish our boots from those who copied us.

Theo on the hippymarket of 

Las Dalias in 1985


es una pequeña empresa que se dedica sobre todo de la importación y la venta al menor como al mayor de articulos de artesanat marroqui y sobre todo de articulos de cuero como cinturones, botas y bolsos. Nuestro objetivo es a ofrecerles el mejor servicio a precios competitivos.Navegue por nuestra pagina web y no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros para podernos comunicar cualquier sugerencia o comentario.¡Esperamos verle pronto! Visitenos a menudo para poder estar al corriente de las ultimas actualizaciones en nuestro sitio web.      


ist ein kleines Unternehmen, das sich in erster Linie spezialisiert hat auf die Einfuhr sowie den Gross- und Einzelhandel von marokkanischem Kunsthandwerk, insbesondere von Lederwaren wie Guerteln, Stiefeln sowie Taschen. Unser Bestreben ist es Ihnen den bestmoeglichen Service zu guenstigsten Preisen zu bieten.Surfen Sie durch unsere Website und setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung um uns Ihre Vorschlaege und Kommentare zu uebermitteln.Wir hoffen Sie bald begruessen zu koennen. Besuchen Sie uns regelmaessig um auf dem Laufenden zu sein mit den Neuerungen auf unserer Website.  


is a small company, mainly specialised in importation as well as wholesale and retail of moroccan handcraft, especially of leatherware such as belts, boots and bags. Our purpose is to offer you an excellent service at very competitive prices.Have a look through our website and get in touch with us to offer us your propositions and comments.We hope to be able to welcome you soon. Visit our site regularly to be up to date with new offers.